Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Our Men

It's that time of year to make gifts for all the Lederhosen wearing men in your life! While at the Milwaukee Holiday Folk Fair 2 weeks ago, we enjoyed checking out the quality work on these babies!

Hallo Süße!!

We would have enjoyed it more if they were crocheted, but it does give us the idea to whip these up for those males that are closest to our hearts. So who's going to make some?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Go Pack Go!

This year is turning out to be a great year for Wisconsin sports. The Packers won the super bowl in February and continue to show domination with their 10-0 streak, the Brewers were the National League champions, the Badgers continue to keep the Wisconsin hype alive and the Bucks, well they're still in the NBA lockout... Anyhow it seems like almost every week at work there is a show-your-team-spirit day, where you can wear the apparel or colors of whatever team you're supporting that week. We had so many of these that I decided to make a Packers hat and scarf, since I was running out of T-shirts to wear. It was a very quick and simple pattern, using just a double crochet stitch. The last time I wore it to work, I received many compliments on it! However, when I went to lunch with a fellow HDH-er I apparently received looks from our waiter...

I don't see anything crazy about this ensemble!

With all our sports teams doing so well this year, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for someone were you can choose your own colors depending on the team you're recipient is supporting.

Now let's hope the Packer's get 11-0 on Thanksgiving!