Monday, June 27, 2011

Yarn Bombing!

Perhaps I was able to answer my question to my last post with "yarn bombing." Up until today I hadn't heard of it, but looking at one of the pictures in today's Oddee post seems to answer my question as to what was going on at Lyndale park. Also a quick google search provides the following image:
If you're wondering the date of the wedding at Lyndale park was indeed June 11, 2011. I think I may now get some good sleep because of this, and think we should "yarn bomb" something in our neighborhood too!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turtle Neck Warmers?

So this isn’t really a blog-worthy blog, because numerous Google and Bing searches do not give me answers to the questions I have. Anyhow I shall write about this “amazing story” idea anyways. Two weeks ago I travelled up to Minneapolis for a cousin’s wedding. The wedding took place in front of Turtle fountain at Lyndale Park, and I couldn’t help but immediately be drawn to the turtles. They were wearing hand-crafted neck warmers. They looked like they were knit, but still it was June, so why on earth would a metal turtle need a neck warmer??? Could a random person (like the members of HDH) make a crocheted neck warmer for these turtles, or other statues perhaps closer to home??? Alas there are no answers to this blog and I guess this is yet another one of my crochet fails…

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's about time...

So I know I am way overdue for making a post on here, which makes me happy that I actually have two things to blog about (no you don't get them in the same day, so stay tuned). Although I have a million projects started that I never seem to finish, I actually have started and completed this one in a fair amount of time. MORE BABY BOOTIES YAY!! Booties are such fun projects for two reasons: 1. Everyone loves someones else's baby, the one you get to play with for a while and send home at the end of the day so you still get your full nights rest, and 2. They are quick projects!

So my same friend that I made the cowboy booties for is now getting ready for her first Granddaughter. I didn't want there to be any sibling jealousy right from the start so I had to make some special booties just for her. Now cowboy booties wouldn't be proper for a darling baby girl, I had to do something different, something feminine, so I went with the pink dress shoes with white ankle socks. Now what baby girl wouldn't love a pair of these??