Monday, May 24, 2010

Crochet Chic is in!

I have just a quickie here... The June 2010 Cosmopolitan has Crochet Chic as one of the top 6 trends on the rise right now! Glad to see this epidemic is taking off.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma Projects

Yesterday was my grandma's 100th birthday, so I thought I'd write a blog about her, the one who first introduced me to crocheting, although she never taught me, she pretty much made it as cool as it could be. As a kid I always remember seeing her crochet (and occasionally knit - but I can forgive her on that) evertime I visited her. I was fascinated by her skill and speed, she is much better than I'll ever be. The sweaters she made were awesome, granted if I posted pictures you'd beg to differ... as a result of 80's and 90's fashion. But some items she made are timeless. In fact just the other day my mom gave me a huge bag filled with an afghan and matching pillow that I received from my very first Christmas. I was taken back by the smell of nostalgia as I opened it.... why can't my projects smell like that? I have countless pillowcases, doilies and blankets from her. And while she hasn't crocheted in about 8 years, I still aspire to be at her skill level.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So, we have come to the conclusion that any semi successful organization needs to have there own T-shirts to make them official. After months of deliberation on what the shirts should look like, how they should be made and who should get them we have made some decisions. Approximately two weeks ago at our HDH meeting our first trial shirts were created. Since we are all about making things on our own we decided to attempt the print out iron on type of logos. Now drum roll please......