Saturday, November 24, 2012

Santa stocking

Woohoo! It's finally done!

This isn't one of my crocheting projects but I thought it was blog worthy for two reasons.
1. Most people who like to crochet also like other crafts
2. This has been taking away time from my crocheting projects

I purchased this felt stocking kit back in December of 09 and have been working on it a little bit each year. Finally I decided Kevin needed a completed stocking for the Christmas season this year so I made it a priority to get this project off my list. Check it out!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Boy Afghan

It appears to be baby season again... so after I created this baby girl afghan, I started on a baby boy afghan.  I got the pattern online from, it's the "Crochet Aran Afghan" an intermediate pattern.  The pattern itself was fairly easy, however I did not like the bobble stitch in this pattern.  With previous bobbles I haven't had an issue with them, but if you give this one a try, perhaps you'll see what I mean.  If not, it might just be me. 
Another nice three dimensional pattern.
Overall I enjoyed this pattern, however the edges got a little wavy, and the border didn't really help that.  I again made this one that the baby can grow into through their toddler years. I'm glad to be done with this pattern so I can start work on my pink monkey!

The finished product.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What was CeeLo wearing???

Now this isn't my typical kind of post, but after watching The Voice last night I couldn't help but state the obvious... what was CeeLo wearing? I have to admit that I not a regular to the show, so I apologize if any of the following comments are misunderstood.

Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of crochet, and usually most crocheted things but I do draw the line somewhere between, baby blankets and CeeLo's closet.

For those of you who didn't see last nights ep let me describe it to you, it was what appeared to be a crocheted, patriotic afghan/pancho with matching saggy cap.

*was it freezing in the studio?
*must have been laundry day.
*you donated all your money to the political campaign and all you got was this lousy outfit.
*Betsy Ross was your great great grandmother and your honoring her by wearing one of her first projects.
*Your hopping on a plane to Colorado, to return to your hippie commune, right after the show.
*You needed a project to finish up all your spare yarn from the political campaign.
*when you get board with the singing you can make something out of the fringe.
*you wanted to make sure your singers can see you through the bright lights on stage.
*Does The Voice pay you in yarn?

That's all i've got for now while still keeping this clean... feel free to add to the list.

Photo credit: NBC

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New to hooking?

This reminds me of our dear friend Emalina, and our "HDH Initiation" blog from 8/5/10 :)

Thank you for this wonderful sketch!