Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stitch and Pitch

To the hookers of hump day:

Let this be known that this is my first blog of this century.  I am taking the honor of writing about our first stitch and pitch at game of the season at Miller Park.  We were watching the Milwaukee Brewers play against the Toronto Blue Jays.  The event occurred on Tuesday June 19, 2012.  Let me tell all of you that are reading this that this was the event of 2012.  I would highly suggest that everyone who is able to attend these future events of stitch and pitch should attend because it was great.  To recall a few of the events of the evening: 

(beginning of game)

1. The starting pitcher for the Brewers was appearing in his FIRST major league baseball game.  Let me just say that he did fairly well for his first game...until about the 5th inning.  His first at bat he hit a double in left/center field.  He did not do well at his 2nd at bat.  The very next day he was sent back to the minor league.  
 (ABOVE: Pitchers first MLB pitch)
(BELOW: Pitcher's first hit, getting a double - made out at his second at bat - and left the game prior to his third at bat)

2. We were all getting our drinks of choice.  I got a free soda because a person the was in front of me with a DD coupon and was not going to be using it.

3. There was also a moment of mistaken identity...someone (no names will be stated) thought that there was a male stitcher a few rows ahead of us, BUT it was a female with a butch haircut!!
(the one on the Right)

4. I was learning how to not just do a new stitch, as well as a new pattern.  Some stitchers were getting frustrated my the number of questions I was asking.
(the blanket I was working on thus far, it is still a work in progress)

5. As we were getting prepared to leave the game some gentleman were attempting to sit in the family section with there alcohol and were promptly asked to leave the section.  If was fun to watch, cause the section was pretty much empty besides them sitting there.

It was an enjoyable, all be it hot, fun evening with the ladies of HDH.

(a mother playing words with friends on her cell phone, while her 10 year old daughter was crocheting)