Friday, August 31, 2012

What in Yarnation - Toilet Decor

So I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with a fellow HDHer today, who reminded me that today is the last day of August and hence the last day to blog for it.  Unfortunately I had to finish my work day and then immediately get in my car and drive 3 hours away.  Currently half way through this drive, I again realize I have limited hours left to get this done.  So this is one of those moments where I'm thankful to have a smart phone. I've been taking crochet photos with it for quite some time now, and luckily have an awesome gem that I MUST share with the people of the internet... Another What In Yarnation blog, but this time about their most intimate of spaces, the bathroom.
While visiting my dear friend in MN, I was again was able to stop at What in Yarnation, only at their new location. It was even more amazing than last time. Again they offered an abundance of crocheted and knitted projects all over the place. However my favorite craft of theirs that was on display was the one on their toilet. I was in awe of their craftsmanship of this purple decor with a beautiful white border (pictured), that i just needed to share this with the world. If you visit this place be sure to check it out.
It was another great visit, complete with long walks to a bridge, sand volleyball and only two of the four out-of-towners getting poison ivy. 
Crochet your bathrooms up with some amazing toilet decor, HDHers

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gift from Grandma

I'm writing this blog a little overdue (ok like 8 months overdue) but I'm still writing because it is something close to my heart.

One of my inspirations for starting to crochet has been my Nana.  For years and years I have memories of visiting my Nana and watching her crochet the same afghan pattern.  She always made it in a creme color solid, no stripes.  She left a 2" fringe on each row cutting off the yarn at each end.  It was this solid pattern that worked into the row below to make a raised diamond pattern when the afghan is finished.

I loved watching Nana work on the afghans, her fingers moved so fast it was like the yarn knew exactly where to go.  She had made so many of these, she didn't use a pattern, and often didn't seem to pay attention to what she was doing.  She had been taught the pattern years ago from her husbands, sisters, cousin in law... or something like that. Over the years it seemed like she had made one for almost everyone she knew.  This ones going to my sisters niece out east, that one went to my sister in California, the next ones going to my friend down the roads daughter.

I had asked her several times if she would teach me how to make one but she had this way of changing the subject before giving me an answer, I guess not this year.  A few years back my sister was given one for her birthday. I was so envious, for years I admired this afghan and now she got one.

Well finally my time came. The Christmas of 2011 was Hazel's year for the afghan.  The family was un-wrapping gifts at Nana's as is the tradition.  I opened up a gift bag, pulled away the tissue and saw the cream colored yarn, the diamond pattern and knew that was it!  Thanks Nana, maybe one day I can learn to make the same afghan.