Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Blanket for Guendie

So it's been quite some time since our last post, not because we haven't been busy crocheting, but because all of our lives have been quite full.  We've all been working on making gifts for the babies that are entering/have recently entered our families... something must be in the water!  Anyhow, I thought I'd send a quick blog out here before I get too sidetracked with taking care of baby.  After making two afghans for Guendie I wanted to make a real special afghan for her.  I bought some cute pink and variant yarn and started on a new stitch.  After about 4 incredibly long rows, I wasn't happy with how it was turning out and after showing Marvin it, he said it looked a little old lady, so that project went to scrap.  I then realized that I have a pattern I really like, one that I've used three times before on afghans and twice on scarves... I would make my baby version of the Classic Style Afghan from this blog I posted a few years back.  I originally started with just pink, blue and white, but after crocheting those three colors together realized it looked a little too patriotic, so I went to the store and bought a purple skein.  This pattern was great because it only used 2 skeins of white and 1 skein of each color (in Jo Ann Sensations Cuddle brand).

Baby Afghan and Headband
With a little of the leftover yarn I made a baby headband to match the style of this blanket and then created the flower I did for my cousin's headband last year (read how to make it in this old blog).  I still have some extra yarn in these colors so I'll probably make more headbands as little Guendie grows.