Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grandma Projects

Yesterday was my grandma's 100th birthday, so I thought I'd write a blog about her, the one who first introduced me to crocheting, although she never taught me, she pretty much made it as cool as it could be. As a kid I always remember seeing her crochet (and occasionally knit - but I can forgive her on that) evertime I visited her. I was fascinated by her skill and speed, she is much better than I'll ever be. The sweaters she made were awesome, granted if I posted pictures you'd beg to differ... as a result of 80's and 90's fashion. But some items she made are timeless. In fact just the other day my mom gave me a huge bag filled with an afghan and matching pillow that I received from my very first Christmas. I was taken back by the smell of nostalgia as I opened it.... why can't my projects smell like that? I have countless pillowcases, doilies and blankets from her. And while she hasn't crocheted in about 8 years, I still aspire to be at her skill level.

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