Thursday, July 29, 2010

ANTM inspires HDH!!

As you are aware ANTM influences us here at HDH. A few weeks ago we saw a photo shoot where the models had to work with the light that was shown through lace. This instantly inspired us to do a photo shoot where we worked with the light through our crocheted afghans. While we don't have a studio, I think we got a few gems, like the one below.

With the light idea not really working for us we then just decided to throw the afghans in a pile along with ourselves (see picture below).

Not sure which one is better, but hopefully one of them is Tyra worthy???


  1. I think the second picture is more tyra worthy, personally. Also I would just like to add casting for season 16 of ANTM is going on now... If you are interested here is the link for the application:
    Some of the requirements include but are not limited to age 18-27, at or above 5'7", and you must be in excellent physical and mental health.

  2. I actually thought the first one was more Tyra ready... plus the first model had more quality film to look through, versus the one lucky shot from model two.

    And holy crap, this is my last year to apply!!