Monday, December 5, 2011

V-Stitch Afghan

A few months ago my sister-in-law got me a bunch of yarn at a local garage sale. I think it was about 12 skeins total, however there were only 3 of each kind and color of yarn, which meant my projects couldn't be the huge afghans I'm used to making. That's probably a good thing since they take so long to make and I really don't need any more blankets. So I decided to make my niece a small child's blanket with the yarn her mother got me and give it to her for her third birthday, which was yesterday. For this project I decided to use Red Heart's Banana Berry (blue-green) yarn since she loves green so much. This was a super quick afghan to make as it used a V-stitch which allows you to crochet in a space versus a stitch... therefore you fly through the project.

I enjoyed the way the variant yarn created it's own pattern.

I didn't get to see my niece open this gift, but I heard that she wanted to sleep with when she went to bed last night!


  1. i need this yarn...the colors are great!! I will have to check this out at the local store!!