Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Door County Yarning it up!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip up to Door County.  I always keep my eye open for crocheted or knitted items that I haven’t seen before that perhaps myself or a fellow HDHer could replicate.  The first unique item I came across was a knitted Soap Cozie which sold for $8.95.  While I’m used to using a loofah, this might be something fun to try since bar soap is usually cheaper.  This cozie was made with Microbial wool, and it stated that it would make your soap last longer, and exfoliate gently.  I’m sure this pouch could easily be made using a single or double crochet and you could add any other stitch you want to give it a little design.   

This could be a warm and fuzzy gift.

Then I came across crocheted necklaces that sold for $16, at a local boutique.  I was immediately drawn to these necklaces since I actually own some of the yarn similar to three of these designs.  A yarn of which I hate since everytime I buy it, I forgot that even though these yarns look fun and cute it's horrible for me to crochet with since I can’t see my stitches. These necklaces however, appear to be made using just a chain stitch which would be uber easy.  I’ll definitely give this design a try once I finish my current project.

These also would make for cute gifts, that don't look old lady like!

It’s always fun to find crocheted treasures in everyday life.

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  1. WOW great find! I've never seen a crocheted necklace in a store, this is awsome!