Friday, June 15, 2012

The Last Frontier

I've recently returned from a trip to the amazing state of Alaska and I couldn't help but notice the crocheted products in all of the stores.  One thing that particularly caught my interest were these adorable headbands, hats, and fingerless gloves, I saw in several stores. 
Assortment of Alaska Chicks Products
All of these products are made by a company named Alaska Chicks.  Alaska Chicks is a company founded just in 2010, based out of Palmer, AK.  There products range from distressed furniture and home decor to T-shirts and hoodies, to crocheted items like in the picture.  For more products mad by Alaska Chicks, check out there website:

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  1. Those look super cute! I'm glad crocheted items are seeing less of the "old-lady" fashion and taking on a more modern flair!