Thursday, September 6, 2012

HDH gets a visit from the East!

Last night was our monthly HDH meeting.  We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming two new members to join us. It was exciting because they were from out of town and of the male persuasion!   After our potato dinner and bangers in the mouth, we sat down, turned on “The Devil Wears Prada” and got to work.  I had the pleasure of teaching Herman how to crochet, while Hazel taught Ken the stitches.  We both taught them the double crochet and it seemed as though we made some good progress.  After we explained the differences of knitting and crocheting as well as the difference between needles and hooks, the guys seemed to really enjoy their experience.  
I mean look at Ken, he seems excited!

Look at Herman showing off his stitches to Ken!

Herman seemed to really take an interest in the basics of crocheting, asking questions that we didn’t even know the answers too.  I feel it made Ethel, Hazel and I want to learn more about our favorite hobby and perhaps even blog about this more!  He now has earned the bragging rights to explain which end one should properly pull yarn from on a skein. (Writing this I now realize that I failed to explain what a skein is to Herman, not sure if Hazel told that to Ken…whoops!)

Ken started with a rather fuzzy and plush yarn and realized that this might not be the best yarn to use for a beginner project, so he checked out my surplus bin and picked a different yarn to restart his project.  He then couldn’t stop talking about how yarns differ from one skein to the next.  Anyhow, they both genuinely seemed interested in their projects and wanted to learn more!

After asking more about their needles and then having us explain to them for the fifth time that Hookers use HOOKS and not needles, Herman and Ken felt a little stupid once they realized their mistakes.
We've all been there. (Must click on photo to enlarge their amazing faces!)

Overall, we all had a great time catching up and crocheting.  We even got to watch some Arrested Development!  Stay tuned for more blogs to come this month!  It seems HDH took a little bit of a summer vacation from blogging, but now your inboxes will explode… I hope!
We all really got into our projects by the end of the night.

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  1. Hey that looks like the baby bobble afghan from your blog!