Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Hands

At our monthly meeting last night it was brough up that maybe we should incorporate some "warm up" exercises before we start crocheting. We're all aware that we're not getting younger, many of us have a future of arthritis to look forward to and it only makes sense to do some excercises to help strengthen the hand muscles we don't use while crocheting and stretch our hands out a bit from the repetitive motion. In my research on hand exercises I found two helpful sites for some crochet specific and arthritis exercises.

The first site is this site is full of interesting crochet information. According to Crochet Soiree, crocheting can put you at risk for carpal tunnel syndrom due to the repetitive motion with your hands clentched. Crochet Soiree's solution to that is to stretch your hands and build up the muscles used for opening your hand. The full article and exercise instructions can be found here:

The second site I looked at is the world renownd Mayo Clinic for some athritis exercises.
This article can be found at
I found this to be particularly helpful since it incorporates a series of pictures with the description of the hand excercises.


  1. This is very helpful, thanks for sharing!

  2. I did my excercises right after reading this and my hands feel better all ready!