Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Crocheting, You're So Last Summer?

I normally get quite annoyed when the differences between knitting and crocheting are brought up. It probably has something to do with the reason knitting is so much more mainstream, and THAT got me thinking about other things I hate that are mainstream. While I do enjoy some mainstream pop/rock music, I prefer stuff that isn't heard on the radio. One of my favorite bands from college was Taking Back Sunday, and one day while listening to the radio on a run I heard one of their songs. I was taken back, how could THIS SONG be on the radio! What a bunch of sellouts! (same thing happened with NFG and the Plain White T's.) I got so annoyed that I changed my ringtone from Taking Back Sunday to something different, I didn't want to be like everyone else. Then a few months later that song and band were long forgotten and that song was their number 1 or 2 hit wonder on the radio waves. That's when I re-professed my love of all things Taking Back Sunday. So long story short, this gets me wondering, will I one day be upset when I get old and all my old-lady friends are crocheting? Will I embrace them and show them how it's done? Will I finally be able to accept that knitting really isn't a "bad cousin" to crocheting? Probably not, but hopefully many years from now I will remember that if I ever give up on the norm that is crocheting, that I'll come back to it when all my friends have arthritis in their hands or just forget to crochet, because they can't remember what they like to do, due to dementia!

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