Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Lovely Christmas Gift

Last night I was at my parents baking Christmas cookies when my mom was reminded that she 'needed' to show me a gift that she received a few days ago (picture below).

A family friend of ours also loves to crochet and she had made this special snowman for my mom and dad as a Christmas/Thank you gift. I wish I would have taken a closer picture of the snowman's hat as it looked real cute close up. What Christmas gifts did you make for your family members this year??? STAY TUNED to see what the members of HDH made!


  1. A. love the snowman, totally cute but
    B. love the doilies surounding it!!

    also can't wait to see what the HDH made for the Holidays!

  2. Ha! I don't even notice the doilies when I go over, but just that little picture of a 2'x 2' section has 3 different doilies... Perhaps next time I go over there I should count just how many there are! (I'll probably lose count.)

  3. I allways felt you could judge a persons principals by the amount of doilies in their house. I'm working on some for my own house.