Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick Weekend Project

If you're looking for a quick project to do in a couple of hours, I highly recommend looking at Last weekend I made the cute Amelia hat and I was finally able to finish today... only because I needed to go out and buy a button. This was a great project to make using up old yarn from previous projects. The hat that I made (shown below) is great because you make detachable flowers so the hat can match any coat/outfit you wear. So far I've only made a blue flower, as I only use one winter coat, but come spring, I may make a nice green one!
(Seen on my head for dramatic effect)

Please note: Should you plan to make this pattern and suffer from a big head like me, be sure to add plenty of extra rounds so the hat can cover your head.


  1. Love the hat! Checked out the webcite and there are soo many great patterns on here. I've found inspiration for my next project!! Thinking about trying out this nifty hat-poncho combo!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished result. You must post pictures of you wearing that ensemble when it's completed!