Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Year of Crochet

We are well into the New Year, with one whole month under our belt. With all the new resolutions and goals people strive for I think it's important to keep a little bit of fun in your life too. What could possibly be more fun than 2011 fashion and trends!!!

Besides crocheting, one of my favorite hobbies is shopping, weather it be window, online browsing or actually buying things. Now that the holidays are past all the new things for 2011 are starting to come out. One big observation I have made is that crocheting is making big strides in 2011 for being trendy and fashionable! Every where I look there are crocheted clothes, home decor, and accessories.

This is our year to make a statement with some of the things we've crocheted. Feel proud when you wear that sweater of hat you made for yourself and use the items you see in stores to inspire you to create even more!

Check out the links below for some my favorite things I have found online.

Bath mat:

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  1. Now we just need the crochet world to release the patterns for these modern designs rather than the old 1980's stuff that's currently available!