Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turtle Neck Warmers?

So this isn’t really a blog-worthy blog, because numerous Google and Bing searches do not give me answers to the questions I have. Anyhow I shall write about this “amazing story” idea anyways. Two weeks ago I travelled up to Minneapolis for a cousin’s wedding. The wedding took place in front of Turtle fountain at Lyndale Park, and I couldn’t help but immediately be drawn to the turtles. They were wearing hand-crafted neck warmers. They looked like they were knit, but still it was June, so why on earth would a metal turtle need a neck warmer??? Could a random person (like the members of HDH) make a crocheted neck warmer for these turtles, or other statues perhaps closer to home??? Alas there are no answers to this blog and I guess this is yet another one of my crochet fails…

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