Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's about time...

So I know I am way overdue for making a post on here, which makes me happy that I actually have two things to blog about (no you don't get them in the same day, so stay tuned). Although I have a million projects started that I never seem to finish, I actually have started and completed this one in a fair amount of time. MORE BABY BOOTIES YAY!! Booties are such fun projects for two reasons: 1. Everyone loves someones else's baby, the one you get to play with for a while and send home at the end of the day so you still get your full nights rest, and 2. They are quick projects!

So my same friend that I made the cowboy booties for is now getting ready for her first Granddaughter. I didn't want there to be any sibling jealousy right from the start so I had to make some special booties just for her. Now cowboy booties wouldn't be proper for a darling baby girl, I had to do something different, something feminine, so I went with the pink dress shoes with white ankle socks. Now what baby girl wouldn't love a pair of these??

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